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Please update your Flash Player to view content. is the website of pianist/composer René Torenstra.
In addition to my own work, I write and direct for theatre, teach, and give workshops. You will find many original compositions and arrangements here, as well as transcriptions, articles related to music, community art and theatre, recordings and educational material. Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to share your feelings about the music by leaving a comment.

Recently Added

April in Paris is a great song by Vernon Duke. For improvisers, especially the bars leading to and landing on de I and IV are fun to play. This arrangement features some adapted chords and rhythms in lead-sheet format.



This is a lead sheet for the Rollins tune "Doxy," for which there is no (good) lead sheet in The Real Book. It is an arrangement primarily written for piano, with some slight changes to the melody.



This is a solo piano arrangement of a Chick Corea piece, from the album "My Spanish Heart." It is rhythmically very advanced. If the repeat of the theme (with the salsa bass pattern) is too difficult, a repeat of the A-section, possibly an octave higher, is possible.






This is an arrangement of the classic Marvin Gaye song "What's Going On," based on a live recording by the wonderful Donny Hathaway. The part was written for a bass player, but can be used by the other instruments as well.







I have been working on several pieces for guitar and piano, and this is the first one that is ready for publishing. The title refers to a small town on Sardegna, Italy.



For quite a few years, I have worked with the commercial band Cosmopolitan DanceBand. Those times are long gone, but I have preserved the demos we made here.





La Luce (Solo Piano)
La Luce (Solo Piano). Read more..
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And on the Seventh Day ...
And on the Seventh Day .... Read more..
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Strange Relationship - Prince
Strange Relationship - Prince. Read more..
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Holiday Song
Holiday Song. Read more..
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Cantaloupe Island: Analysis
Cantaloupe Island: Analysis. Read more..
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Young Element: Wat je vroeger later wilde zijn
Young Element: Wat je vroeger later wilde zijn. Read more..
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Mensch, Durf te Leven
Mensch, Durf te Leven. Read more..
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Er Is Een Land
Er Is Een Land. Read more..
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Names and Places
Names and Places. Read more..
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Libertango Apasionado
Libertango Apasionado. Read more..
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Bill Evans - On a Clear Day
Bill Evans - On a Clear Day. Read more..
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Prélude Golriz 1
Prélude Golriz 1. Read more..
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Random Content - Compositions

580px-Arnold schönberg man rayArnold's This piece was an experiment after getting into Arnold Schönberg's music. I'm not particularly happy about it, but the progression is a nice one for solo's. My tenor player at the...
GraveGeorgeTaboriDie Konzentrationslager Kantate This is part of music I worte for a play by George Tabori, "Jubilee", written for a group of predominantly male voices with piano accompaniment. Before you start complaining about...
birchJessika's Theme Another very old song, from the time I apparently found it necessary to write about girls and wrote everything down the way I played it, without providing a lead sheet. This is a waltz...
dahliaLe Sourire de Mireille I wrote this piece a very long time ago for a friend of a friend who had this wonderful sad small after a personal tragedy. The setting is very simple so she would be able to play it,...
ADHDADHD Leonie Janssen, one of the actors in the "Senioren"-project, wrote a poem (in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet) which we made into a song. It turned out to be a tango, with opportunity...

Random Content - Arrangements

Fame Single Cover ArtFame - Irene Cara This is a lead sheet for the Irene Cara song "Fame," with very few additions or alterations. The modulation towards the guitar solo has been removed. This is part of the MuziekAtelier...
cottontailCotton Tail This is the Duke Ellington tune "Cotton Tail," a simple song based on rhythm-changes. Just a lead sheet.

James TaylorYou've Got a Friend - Taylor/King You've Got A Friend: a beautiful song by Carole King, made famous the same year she did the song by James Taylor. This is an arrangement which is pretty close to the original, but with...
laatmeLaat Me Niet Alleen - Jacques Brel This is a piano accompaniment for "Laat Me Niet Alleen," the Dutch version of "Ne Me Quitte Pas," made famous by the great Jacques Brel. Obviously, this arrangement can also be used...
kobFlamenco Sketches The revolutionary song "Flamenco Sketches" from the 1958 Kind of Blue album by Miles Davis. This was used for the !inspiration-project, but this lead sheet is still useful for everyone...

Random Content - Transcriptions

Bill-Evans01Bill Evans - Autumn Leaves This is track 2 of the Bill Evans album "Portrait In Jazz," with the great Scott LaFaro on bass, who died soon afterwards. On the CD there is an extra track with a monaural version...
Bill EvansBill Evans - Epilogue A transcription of the original version of this Bill Evans tune. For another version of this song from the "Everybody Digs Bill Evans" album, see the Related Articles box.
kobJohn Coltrane - So What This transcription of the John Coltrane solo on So What is part of the material needed for the "!inspiratie" ("!inspiration") project for 2013-2014. I transcribed most of this solo...
Bill EvansBill Evans - Epilogue (Everybody Digs) The Bill Evans piece from the "Everybody Digs Bill Evans" album. See the related articles for a transcription of a slightly different version of this song from an earlier recording.
220px-BobMarley-LegendBob Marley - Waiting in Vain This is not a jazz solo, but I have used this in improvising lessons, and recently I found it again. There are many interesting techniques and notes Marley uses here, like blues scale,...

Random Content - Articles

Cantaloupe Island: Analysis I have published a lead sheet to Herbie Hancock's Cantaloupe Island on this site, which you can find here. In this article I will try to analyse the piece and to give some thoughts...
sibeliusOn Sibelius and the music plug-in used on this site In this article I will look at a few perks and twists of the plug-in for sheet music I use on this site, and I will talk a bit about sound cards and synthesizers and the like. Chances...
MozartOuvertüre Zauberflöte - Mozart This is the sheet music file for the ouvertüre to the Zauberflöte by Mozart. I worked on an analysis for this piece, and so I have this available. Nothing is changed from the original,...